Utility Clearance

Power lines clearance

Casey Tree Care have been involved in vegetation Managment adjacent to overhead electrical apparatus since 1999.


Jim Casey our operation manger has worked on networks for Scottish power, hydro electric, ESB irl, on maintenance work storm damage and ETR projects from LV to 400,000 kv lines.


Our dedicated team are working on SPEN network at present to ensure that scotlands network is maintained and compliant with guidelines set out by the electrical standards,providing tree clearance operations adjacent to power distribution networks.


All our staff are UA trained Arborists, Chainsaw operative’s and Surveyors.


Rail work

Casey Tree Care have been involved in rail vegetation management since 2008 our teams have worked for Network Rail, Bam Rail and Amey Rail clearing vegetation from track sides for engineering surveys to take place.


We work on Bridge clearance for Amey rail for engineering structure surveys amongst a host of other rail contractors.


Specialised tree services for utility and commercial customers include:

  • Emergency road work to local authorities, Highway Agency etc to provide access
  • Emergency tree surgeons work to the insurance industry to prevent further damage to property
  • Power line management to ensure that tree, foliage and bracken do not touch the lines
  • Power line surveying to the energy utility sector as part of their preventative maintenance strategy
  • Rail line surveying to Network Rail etc as part of their preventative maintenance strategy
  • Risk inspections on property trees to support bank/building society mortgage application process
  • Road traffic management work to keep traffic moving while trees and scrub are removed
  • Safety inspection reports to meet health & safety standards or as part of preventative maintenance
  • Telecom line surveying to BT etc as part of their preventative maintenance strategy
  • Wildlife protection reports to support the project and programme team
  • Local authority work for municipal property
  • Highway Agency maintenance work
  • Hotel property work for ground maintenance and management
  • Power line land management work to the energy utility sector
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