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For an expert tree surgery service.

Tree surgeons Glasgow based with offices in Ayr and Stirling. Casey Tree Care & Landscape Services are proud to be part of a national network for buying and selling wood. As part of our green agenda and with the aim of preventing as much wood as possible going into municipal land fill. We will buy and sell your waste wood to commercial and residential customers.



  • Wood for burning – seasoned logs and cuttings
  • Wood chippings – to compress garden weeds
  • Wood for sculpture – good quality wood for a range of artistic work


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Hurlet, Glasgow,
G53 7AB

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Please note that we do not act as an alternative municipal waste disposal organisation and cannot accept green or wood waste at our depot without prior arrangement. However, what we do is track what you want to sell or buy and arrange the most appropriate financial terms for you. In some cases this may just be free disposal of your waste. If you would like to know more about this service, please complete the contact us form and we will be in touch shortly.



We understand that certain people and trees have an emotive relationship. No matter what the health of the tree looks like, certain tree owners will not cut the tree due to long established memories. Therefore, we give our customers two options:


  • Planting a tree for every tree that is cut down via Sponsor A Tree. These newly planted trees can then be dedicated to named individuals or can form part of a new forest;
  • Using the tree to make wood sculptures


We are proud corporate members of The World Land Trust and as such are supporting the restoration of Glen Finglas as part of Scotland’s first national park. The World Land Trust via The Woodland Trust are committed to planting 1/2 million trees, removing non-native conifers and investing £5million + to ensure that Glen Finglas has a sustainable future while managing the demands of people and animals (deer, sheep & cattle).

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