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There are numerous case studies available for residential and commerical work. The following case study typifies the approach to most tree cutting jobs and indicates how the team manage the risks involved.

1. The surrounding land is surveyed for risks and method statement updated. The team are briefed on the approach and the work begins. In this case there are risks to property (garage) and personnel (overhead power lines).

2. Branches are secured by rope to prevent falling on property before cutting begins. Once the branch is cut, it is lowered by hand to the ground team to limit damage to surrounding property.

3. The work of removing all branches begins on a ‘bottom up’ approach.

4. Once all the branches are removed. The top of the tree is cut and lowered to the ground team by rope.

5. The tree now looks like a ‘Totem Pole’ and is cut in sections and lowered to the ground team section by section.

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