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We take corporate social responsibility very seriously and encouraged by what local authorities, major utilities and retail companies like Co-op have done in this area. As such we have pledged to do our utmost in supporting CSR and have recently become corporate supporters to The World Land Trust and Sponsor Trees. Both organisations have excellent reputations in managing the environment and supporting local social needs. Our CSR commitment can be summarised as follows:



An often over used word in any industry, but the checks and balances within our company means that transparency on charges, customer service and staff management issues will drive change and continuous improvement. On a regular basis quality, service and remuneration satisfaction is measured to ensure that our customers and staff are not only happy, but would actively promote Casey Tree & Landscape Services as a professional and caring business enterprise.



The care or social aspects of a responsible and sustainable business is one of the most challenging in a very competitive and mature industry. However, we take this very seriously and believe that investment in job and career opportunities for young and challenged people will bring about a fairer community. There is ample information available about community involvement and why people should be more involved in community issues. We believe that the New Economic Foundation offers a simple and effective method regarding measuring the effect of local jobs in the local economy and as such we will always review local employment opportunities and local suppliers first.


Like other responsible organisations we take the environmental consequences of our business seriously and try to reduce the environmental impact of our operations wherever possible. We aim to reduce, re-use and re-cycle equipment and waste via compliance with all relevant legislation and best practice models. Where this isn’t possible, we will dispose of it in an appropriate way through regulated waste suppliers. We will measure our waste continuously, report on and try to improve our environmental performance via benchmarking with leading ‘green’ peer companies. We’re also committed to exploring new ways of using our services to help address local and global environmental issues e.g. reduce fuel consumption by allowing our customers to obtain an automatic quote for services via our ‘ready reckoner’ price system. As a company that has trees and green fields at the heart of our business, we feel it is our duty to our children’s future to care and nurture the environment. We are the ONLY tree and landscape company globally that is carbon balanced and has so many green initiatives regarding recycling wood and replenishing trees that we cut via The World Land Trust and Sponsor Trees. A common criticism of being green is that it will hit the profitability of the industry. At Casey Tree Care & Landscape Services, we are willing to sacrifice a small percentage of our profit margin for the good of the environment while still delivering a competitive and quality service to all our customers.

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